Apprenez la gestion de votre argent

Transform your studies into investments

In a more and more complex world, it is often difficult to make the right choices in our personal finances. Do you want to save enough to pay for tuition, buy a first house or simply better understand your personal finances ? If so, the Académie du Trésor is for you and your children.

dominique asselin« I designed, with a team of volunteer teachers, a program and learning tools suitable for ages 10 to 20 years. It is an exciting program, from 15 to 25 hours long, given in public or private schools as an extracurricular activity and available in each level (primary, 3rd cycle), high school and college (last year of each level). »

You will gain knowledge and when you graduate, you will receive a token that represents your assiduity and your notes on the final exam.

Your grades are converted into tokens with which the students purchase real securities in a portfolio, through participation units in the Académie du Trésor investment account.  Those units must be held for five years or until age 18.

That exchange aims to interest students in a concrete and motivating way, while making them understand the concepts they learned during the session. As they go through each level, the students learn the basics in financial planning and the steps in building an investment portfolio.  They can also understand the risk factor and the yield given by different types of investment as they can follow, on a weekly basis, the changes the units value

Students who look up the financial news at an early age are enclined to better develop their curiosity on that matter and ask pertinent questions about that subject.

That is why the course contents and the exchangeable tokens make the Académie du Trésor approach so different and unique.