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Who are we ?


The Académie du Trésor is a non-profit organization that offers, in many schools, a dynamic and stimulating method of transmitting tools and essential knowledge to youngsters aged 10 to 20, so that they may aspire to financial health.

The personal finance training is offered in both official languages (French and English) and is given in the form of extracurriculor activities, in each level : primary, high school, college.

The course aims to provide our future cohorts of young adults with greater ease in their personal finances so that they may become wealth creators in our society and acquire essential basic knowledge to make the best financial decisions throughout their life.


The Académie du Trésor is the outcome of a dream and an idea that the founder, Mr. Dominique Asselin, thought about for over ten years. Licensed Financial Planner in life and health insurance, Investment Advisor and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, he is often sollicited by his clients to overcome their children’s lack of  knowledge in personal finances. In 2010, after three years of hard work, he comes up with the project outline of the Académie du Trésor, mainly motivated by Work Group on Financial Literacy findings, mandated by the Federal Ministrer of Finance.

The first graduation from the Académie du Trésor happened in December 2010. Over a hundred kids have already received their training in private and public schools in the Sherbrooke area. Two schools in St-Bruno have also offered the program since September 2011 and are the first to participate to our geographical expansion.