Apprenez la gestion de votre argent


The Académie du Trésor relies on thirty-seven or more hardworking and assiduous volunteers. They are generous and passionate people, truly dedicated to our youth. Among them :

Dominique Asselin, founder and administrator

Normand Daoust, communications, administrator and member of the board of directors

Neil Riddell, member of the board of directors

Jeremy Cool, guest and member of the board of directors

Christiane Voyer, translation

Carmelle Riendeau, guest, banking sector

Dave Quirion, guest, investment sector

Chantale Marcotte, guest, investment sector

Frédérique Lamoureux, educator


David Hopps, elementary level teacher

Christine Painchaud, elementary level teacher

Louis-Simon Arguin, elementary level teacher

Louis-Paul Perras, high school level teacher

Marc Dugas, high school level teacher

Jean-François Moore, high school level teacher

Rock Côté, high school level teacher

Frédérick Tanguay, high school level teacher

Maxime Gauthier, educator – high school level

Nadine Bernier, educator – college level

Hélène Dauphinais, educator – college level

Guylaine Petit, educator – college level

Bianca de La Fontaine, operations coordinator