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Tokens allocation policy

A token, considered as a learning tool, is given to some students at the end of each session.

Goals by giving a token

  1. To keep students interested in finance after their training, because monitoring the real time value of someone’s token is quite stimulating.
  2. To enhance students’ knowledge between learning levels. The website is a good source of continuous learning.  It also provides pertinent information on personal finances.
  3. To start a first long-term investment program.  The token is a teaching tool that helps students move from theory to practice.


Tokens allocation policy 

Tableau Jeton


Rules applicable to tokens (approved by the Autorité des marchés financiers)

  • The total value of all tokens given within the same class session is deposited into an investment portfolio that is opened and held by the Treasure Academy.
  • The value of each recipient’s token is converted into participating units in the Treasure Academy investment portfolio, which was created especially for that class session.
  • Each recipient receives a certificate that certifies the number of units he or she is holding.  The  price of each unit is initially set at 10 $.
  • Participating units must be held during 5 years or until the recipient is 18 (the latest of the two) in order to abide by laws on securities.
  • Token recipients can keep track of the value of their units on the Treasure Academy website.
  • Upon maturity of the investment portfolio (5 years), the Treasure Academy will issue a cheque to each recipient, in the amount corresponding to the value of his or her units.

Click here to monitor the value of your token by selecting your class session.

*The teacher will use his or her objective judgement to select recipients.