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This registration form is for students of primary, high school or college level and who are registered in a school that offers the Treasure Academy personal finance training program.

The form must be completed by :
– the student, if age 18 or over, or
– a parent or tutor, if student is under 18.

Completing this form will give the student the opportunity to become an academician of the Treasure Academy. Don’t forget to include your Academy teacher’s name and the level of personal finance training you are enrolled in. If you don’t know which level you are in, simply ask you Academy teacher.

For other questions, feel free to call us at 819 640-1859 or better yet, send us an email at

Student's personal information

* First name

* Last name

* Your email address

* Address

* City

* Province

* Postal code

Phone number

* Level:

* Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) :

* School / organization

* Academy teacher’s name

* Program format

Permission to use visual or audio documentation

The Treasure Academy might use any sound, visual or photographic recordings on which I appear, in view of business promotions or publications. I understand that I will never receive benefits or royalties from the publication of posters, advertisements, flyers or brochures, TV commercials, videos or photographs included in the Academy website or through other medias.

Acceptance to abide by the law of securities

The Treasure Academy allows its scholars to receive a token that is valued upon their score on the exam and their class attendance.

The token value is added to all other token values from the same class ; the global value is then invested into a diversified portfolio.

Academicians may track the value of their investment units in our website. The aim of the token is to enable students to start their first long-term investment. Therefore, students may surrender the value of their investment and receive the money when they reach age 18 or after a 5 year period (whichever comes last). We need to include that rule in order to comply with securities law.

  I have read and understood the rules to comply with securities law and I will abide by them.

Age of the student

  I am 18 or over or I am the parent of a student who is under the 18.