Apprenez la gestion de votre argent


Each grade level looks at three larghe themes : make a budget, manage credit and learn how to invest.

The training sessions are offered as extracurricular activities and the students receive a certificate of participation.  The academic results obtained in the final exam are converted to tokens which, in turn, allow the students to receive units from the Académie du Trésor investment account. Thus, the students hold real assets in a diversified investment portfolio.

To learn and then to get a redeemable cash value out of it are fundamental to the  Académie du Trésor, because they allow you to go from theory to practice.

The token we give to the student has many purposes : it catches the attention of the child as it is tangible motivating; it also helps him understand the notions he learned during the program. Over the levels, the student will acquire precious knowledge that will allow him to understand the principles of financial planning and how to build up an investment portfolio.  The student will gradually learn those notions while participating to various practical learning exercices and meeting with professionals from the industry.


age 10 to 12 / 3rd cycle / 15 hours