Apprenez la gestion de votre argent


dear graduates from the Académie du Trésor,

As you know, the Académie du Trésor allows you to receive a token that is valued according to your final exam result and your class attendance.

After the December 2010 session, students received a cheque for their token because we could not invest the value of their token at that time.  For some graduates, it was difficult to cash in that cheque because they were minors or because some financial institutions asked for more than the value of the cheque to open a savings or investment account.   Also, administration fees would have been way too high for such a small investment.


If we gather all the tokens from one class, we can invest their value into different investment types and manage that portfolio for you, through an account opened in the name of the Académie du Trésor.  This way, you hold investment units in the account, together with the other graduates from your class.

You can follow the progress of your unit values on our Website.  The values are updated once a week.  You may also look at the portfolio assets and thus keep on learning on finances and real investments.

The purpose of the token is to help you start your first long-term investment.  Thus, you will be able to cash your investment and receive the monetary value either after five years or when you reach age eighteen (the last occurrence).  We must include that rule in order comply with the laws on securities and to help you establish a long term goal.

what are the advantages of regrouping the tokens ?

  1. To invest the value of your token
  2. To let you diversify your assets
  3. To lower administration fees
  4. Your investment is managed by professionals
  5. Follow the markets through the Académie du Trésor Website.


Click on your class date to obtain the details of the pertaining investments