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dominique asselin

dominique asselin

Driven by the desire to go beyond

Dominique is a man of action and challenge. The notion of helping the community takes a whole new meaning when this man gets involved.  That is why he organized in 2005, an expedition with 23 well-known people from the Eastern-Townships, with the purpose of climbing the African volcano Kilimandjaro inTanzania. In addition to reaching this summit of 19 340 feet, Dominique’s team organized three other expeditions : rafting down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon, driving jeeps to visit the Sahara desert in Morocco and going on a safari in Africa, which included close encounters with gorillas in Rwanda in 2010. Those four adventures allowed Dominique and his friends to gather 285 000 $, entirely given back to charities in the Eastern-Townships and inAfrica.

Passionate about finance

At a very young age, Dominique Asselin was already passionate about finance.  He wanted to understand how the different markets worked and more specifically what motivated investors towards companies that were listed on the stock market.


In 2002, Dominique’s most important dream came true when he met Mr. Warren Buffett while attending the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders assembly inOmaha.

Dominique Asselin has a bachelor’s degree in Finance fromSherbrookeUniversity, the title of Financial Planner and a license in Life and Accident insurance. Since 2009, he is also a Fellow from the Canadian Securities Institute. And he has been offering family wealth management for his clients since 1994, from hisSherbrookeoffice.

« My goal has always been to create new avenues in the field of finance.  The Académie du Trésor fills that role, as it allows young people to transform their academic results into real investments, while the academy gives them tangible tools to help them better understand and manage their own assets ».

Dominique Asselin, Founder

normand r. daoust

Motivated by the desire to apply what he learned in marketing and to use his head for business, he participates with two of his colleagues to the development of a marketing communication business in the mid-seventies.

Normand leaves Groupe Everest in the early nineties so that he may contribute to the growth of a company owned by Cascades. He is recruited as the Marketing Supervisor of Cascades PSH, which is then sold to a Swedish multinational enterprise in 1995.  And so, Normand lives an eleven year long adventure at SCA, where he will hold key positions in sales and marketing, in Canada as well as in the United-States.

Since 2005, Normand has stopped all professional activities but he now devotes himself to his family and to charities. That is how he met Dominique Asselin and how he contributed to the success of an important fund-raising held by a group of Townships businessmen and business women in view of the climbing of the Kilimandjaro. As soon as 2006, Dominique Asselin made him aware of his project in personal finance education.

Normand is most appreciated for his expertise in business start up and his experience in communications, added to his personal values that are centered on education and autonomy. All that, added to his rigorous intellect, make him a most valuable team member. His biggest wish is to contribute to the learning and competence of youth so that younger people may have the tools to do something constructive for the society.

nadine bernier

neil riddell

neil riddell Neil is an independent business professional and entrepreneur living in the Eastern-Townships of Quebec. He is the co-founder and President of Kebechem, an industrial piping distribution company. He is also co-owner of Sherbrooke Gear works, a metal shop also located in Sherbrooke. His work experience includes banking with TD Bank as well as import/export experience through his family business. Neil is well traveled having lived and worked in Scotland and France.

Neil is a trustee of several family trusts, and is a director on the board of a number of charities in theSherbrookearea. He also has a number of public and private equity investments. Neil holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree fromMcGillUniversityand has completed the Canadian Securities Course through CSI Global Education Inc.

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